Recipe: Monkfish, Braised Red Peppers and Fresh Chorizo

This is one of our classic dishes in the restaurant and has been on the menu since day one. We thought it could make a great dish for New Year’s Eve at home, so head chef Kimberley Hernandez has kindly offered up her recipe for you to cook, broken down into three parts. Firstly, make the fresh chorizo meatballs, then braise roasted Piquillo red peppers, sweet onion, plum tomatoes and spices to create the sauce; and finally put together to create this restaurant dish. 

Fresh Chorizo

250g    Minced Pork

5 g       Ground Cumin

5g        Paprika

2g        Chilli Flakes

3g        Salt

2g        Ground Black Pepper

7g        Minced Garlic

Using a Stand Mixer with a paddle attachment on low/medium speed, mix together all ingredients for approximately 5 minutes to allow for the proteins of the pork to stretch. Likewise can be kneaded by handed for about 10 minutes to achieve similar results. Let marinade for minimum 30 minutes.

Portion into 8 pieces- (30g) meatballs.

Braised Red Pepper Sauce

250g    Thin Sliced Peeled Roasted Piquillo Red Peppers

125g    Thin Sliced Sweet Onions

12g      Thin Sliced Garlic

250g    Crushed Plum Tomatoes;

20g      Sweet Smoked Paprika

20g      Sherry Vinegar

5g        Salt

2g        Pepper

50g      Olive Oil

In a pan on medium low heat, combine onions, garlic in olive oil until pale and transluscent.

Add Piquillo Red Peppers, Paprika, Salt and Pepper to the pan. Gently stir together to deepen paprika flavor until fragrant, approximately 4 minutes.

Add Crushed Tomatoes. Lower heat and slowly braise together for approximately 10 minutes. Season with red wine vinegar.

To Finish


200g                Monkfish

100g                Torn Day Old Bread

1 Recipe          Pepper Sauce

1 Recipe          Fresh Chorizo

Salt and Pepper, to taste

Preheat Oven to 180C.

Season fish on both sides with salt and pepper.

Using a pan on medium high heat, drizzle oil on hot pan and add Fresh chorizo meatballs to sear. Once seared on all sides, lower heat to a medium low setting and gently lay fish.

Sear monkfish approximately 45 seconds on each side.

Add torn day old bread pieces to fry and absorb any excess drippings from chorizo and monkfish then place in oven for approximately 5 minutes.

Remove from oven check internal cooking temperatures of fresh chorizo (73C), Monkfish (63C). Once reached, remove monkish from pan and then add Braised Red Pepper Sauce to pan. Gently stir sauce in with the fried bread, and chorizo.

Once sauce is hot and combined with bread and chorizo, place on serving dish.

Slice monkfish into large chunky cuts. Assemble on top of braised pepper sauce.

Garnish with flat leaf parsley and enjoy!

Recipe: Apple & Whiskey Brussels Sprouts

300g    Brussels Sprouts

15g      Neutral Cooking Oil (Rapeseed Oil)

100g    Cold Pressed Apple Juice

30g      Maple Syrup

50g      Ardbeg Whiskey

100g    Butter

10g      Minced Garlic

75g      Bacon Lardons

Ground Black Pepper to taste

Salt to taste



50g      Smoked Almonds

50g      Pickled Red Onions

1          Pink Lady Apple; diced

To make Pickled Red Onions:

100g    Water

75g      Caster Sugar

100g    White Wine Vinegar

200g    Sliced Red Onion

Combine water, sugar and vinegar together and whisk until sugar is dissolved. Pour over Red Onion and allow to sit for a minimum 45 minutes before use. Can be made in advanced.

For the Brussels Sprouts:

Preheat oven to 170C.

Using a large pan on medium heat. Drizzle a small amount of cooking oil and add bacon lardon and begin to crisp, approximately 5 minutes.

Then add your diced butter, minced garlic and Brussel sprouts to pan and roast together. Once Brussels sprouts and bacon are roasted, remove from heat. Add Ardbeg Whiskey (an absolute favourite of ours at Silver Birch), Apple Juice and Maple Syrup onto pan and mix together.

Place pan back onto medium heat and bring mixture to a simmer and season with ground black pepper and salt to your taste. Place pan in oven and finish cooking for approximately 15-20 minutes or until Brussel Sprouts are tender.

Remove from oven and transfer to serving dish and sprinkle with chopped smoked almonds, sliced pickled onions, and diced pink lady apples and enjoy!

Introducing Weekend Brunch

We are excited to introduce our new weekend brunch, available every Saturday and Sunday, from 10am – 2:30pm.

Head chef Kimberley Hernandez has created a menu with both small and large plates, ideal for coffee and a quick bite or a longer, more leisurely brunch.

Dishes include Souffle Pancakes with lemon curd and olive oil caramel – the most technical of all pancakes – accompanied with a winning combination of sharp lemon curd balanced out with sticky, sweet caramel.

Or opt for Assembly Coffee French Toast with mascarpone and cocoa, inspired by the flavours of tiramisu, and made using Kimberley’s homemade milk buns soaked in a coffee custard.

Weekend Brunch Chiswick
The Silver Birch Weekend Brunch

Savoury dishes include comforting Kedgeree with smoked mackerel from Henderson’s fishmonger with a 6 minute egg and curry sauce cooked into the rice. Plus, indulgent Truffled Ribeye Sandwiches with fried egg, onions and cheddar; or Iberico Schnitzel Sandwich with potato, cabbage and onion jam.

For those seeking eggs there is Baked eggs with chorizo, braised peppers and ‘Bread Bread’ sourdough. Also available as a vegetarian option.

Simply book a table here or by calling on 020 8159 7176.

We look forward to welcoming you for brunch at The Silver Birch, Chiswick. 

Join us for Soft Launch

We are excited to announce that our official Soft Launch period will start on Wednesday 21st October and run to Sunday 25th October.

Dine with us at lunch or dinner and enjoy 50% off your food bill*.

Simply book a table here or by calling on 020 8159 7176 and the soft launch offer will automatically be applied to your bill. Bookings will be made on a first come first serve basis. 

We look forward to welcoming you to The Silver Birch, Chiswick. 

*drinks not included

Our Restaurant Design Story

For the design of The Silver Birch, we were inspired by the leafy, dappled Chiswick High Road and wanted to create a natural feeling, with an earthy colour palette made up of sage greens, pale pinks and textured walls.

At the front of the restaurant you will find bespoke banquettes with spindle back legs and an expansive bar clad in hand glazed tiles. In summer months, we’ll fold back the floor to ceiling windows at the front of the restaurant, to fill the space with sunlight. There is also an all year-round terrace at the front, with iroko wood tables.

At the back of the restaurant, a chef’s table made with untreated wood from a small supplier in Wiltshire, is tucked into an alcove with a view into the kitchen. There is a curved banquette and large table, suited for group bookings of up to 6, too.

Downstairs, illustrator and friend, Jesse Brown (@jessebevanbrown), has created one-off sketches that adorn the walls with scenes of local Chiswick life.

Our restaurant design has been created in partnership with B3 Designers, with Lauren Resnick of PoE, acting as strategic advisor. 

Food and Drink at The Silver Birch

The Silver Birch is an independent, neighbourhood restaurant on Chiswick High Road, with chef Kimberley Hernandez serving seasonally driven British food with a twist. 

Working with some of the very best suppliers in the local area and wider in the UK, Kimberley and her team will be serving up a modern British menu From the Garden, From the Land and Sea, and Sweet to finish. View our menus here.

Swaledale and Macken Brothers will provide the meat (except for the retired dairy cow beef, which comes from Txuleta), Pesky Fish will deliver fish daily, cheese will come from family run Hamish Johnston in Clapham (which happens to be restaurant director Tim Price’s favourite shop), and fruit and vegetables will be delivered by Smith and Brock

The wine list will be classic, with general manager, Edward Allsopp working closely with Liberty and Les Cave de Pyrene to bring together some Old World classics with some more unusual varietals and techniques from the New World. The independent brewery, Braybrooke Beer, will supply the beers.

The Silver Birch Chiswick food drink

You can find us on Chiswick High Road, on the north side of the road at number 142. 

If you’d like to make a reservation, please get in touch via phone: 020 8159 7176 or make a reservation here.